Communicating with purpose, integrity and truthfulness—the foundation of
inspiring and influential leadership, authentic change and transformative
results with lasting impact.

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Whether you are in the private, public or non-profit sector, we have the experience, skill
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We work with people and organizations not only striving for high performance and exceptional results
but also to benefit the communities in which they live, work and do business. And we share that same
focus and commitment in what we do.

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Modcom Strategies, Inc. is an Edmonton-based communications firm providing a broad spectrum of public relations, marketing and professional writing services to those in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

We believe in communication that has purposeful intention, and is rooted in integrity and truth. And we consider this to be the foundation for building communications effectiveness that generates successful results for organizations while also positively impacting the communities in which they operate.

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I had the pleasure of working on marketing and PR strategy with Kerry for a very high profile client. Kerry's professionalism and knowledge from end to end on the project was very much appreciated, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again!


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I deeply appreciate the particular expertise you provided and all the behind-the-scenes work it took to ensure the project ran smoothly.


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Incredibly competent and respectful, Kerry delivers work that inspires absolute confidence in both her clients and fellow colleagues.


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Kerry is a concise writer and clear communicator. Her organizational abilities are an asset to any project, and she's skilled at everything from planning to reporting. Combined with her experience in print and web media, she's a valuable team member who doesn't miss a deadline.


Your story. Let’s tell it.

We have the tools to help you reach your audience, and engage with it, in a compelling way.


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05 Jun 2015

How Understanding Personality Type Can Help Improve Internal Communication

Kerry is a certified MBTI practitioner, who received her certification through Psychometrics Canada. For more information about how the MBTI can help your organization, get in touch with her at: